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Ryan Grant Wants to Stay in Green Bay

Ryan Grant: Packers are 'my ideal situation' | ESPN NFC North Blog

In an interview with ESPN 540 in Milwaukee, free agent running back Ryan Grant expressed his desire to come back to Green Bay, saying "I think everyone knows that's my ideal situation." Kevin Seifert of ESPN speculates that Grant would likely choose to leave if he's given the workload and payday of a starting RB, but is Grant that type of player any more?

It seems to me that Grant would be best suited for a similar role to the one he played in 2011: sharing the load in the backfield, and getting 10-12 touches per game. Grant showed better ability as a receiver in 2011 than in previous years, which may be a factor in whether Ted Thompson wants to bring him back. Alex Green didn't prove much in his injury-shortened season, and James Starks still has work to do in the passing game. I would not have a problem if Grant comes back on a one-year deal to split the load with the younger players, but if he demands a multi-year deal or too much compensation, I don't think he's valuable enough to keep.

Should Ted re-sign Grant or, as Brandon suggested, should he instead pursue a younger running back in the draft?