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The Vikings Release Hutchinson, Herrera and Griffin

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Hutchinson, Herrera, Griffin let go by Vikings | Quite the housecleaning by the Vikings, who now may be as much as $24 million under the salary cap. They could make a move or two in free agency, or they might find themselves signing the next Bernard Berrian.

Steve Hutchinson. He was a three-time All-Pro since the Vikings signed him in 2006, and he's got to rank as one of the best free agent signings ever. I'm not sure if it's the end of the line for him, or just a sign the Vikings will draft USC's LT Ryan Kalil with the No. 3 overall pick and move former LT Charles Johnson to left guard. Probably the latter.

Anthony Herrera. He's been struggling to return from knee and elbow surgery, and he ended the season with a stinker of a game against the Bears. His departure is just another step towards re-building their offensive line.

Cedric Griffin. The Vikings seem to have a plan for their offensive line, but it's not clear what's going on in their secondary. Griffin wasn't the answer, and he had an awful 2011 season after returning from two major knee surgeries in 2010. Also, they may be looking for a new starting safety unless they re-sign Husain Abdullah, and who knows what's going to happen to Chris Cook. Maybe the secondary will be their priority in free agency.