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The Packers Should Be Pretty Quiet In Free Agency (As Usual)

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2012 NFL Free Agency FAQ - Arrowhead Pride. At 4:00 PM ET on Tuesday, March 13, the 2012 NFL free agency signing period begins. John Clayton believes there's been a lot of procrastination and free agency should start with a scramble.

Last July, the Green Bay Packers made an early free agent move when they agreed to terms with K Mason Crosby. But that wasn't much of a surprise since they hadn't drafted a kicker the previous April to replace him, and it was well known that the Packers wanted him back. The price didn't seem to be a problem, though his $3 million annual salary isn't cheap for a kicker.

While Mike McCarthy has spoken publicly in support of seeing Scott Wells and Jarrett Bush return in 2012, their contract demands might present a problem. The Packers don't have a lot of salary cap room available, $6.9 million to be exact, and they might want to save that room for later because they'll need to re-sign players like Greg Jennings and Clay Matthews. Matthews isn't a free agent until after 2013, but they'll probably start talking about an extension next year. And you know that won't be cheap.