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Two Surprising Free Agent Moves Before Free Agency Begins

There were a lot of players released on Monday, but one really stood out. While I can't believe another player is back in the NFL.

Eric Winston Hits Free Agency After Texans Cut Him - Wow. Eric Winston is a quality right tackle who should immediately become one of the most sought after free agents. He's not an injury risk (he hasn't missed a start in five seasons), he's only 28 years old, and he was making just over $5 million per season. The knock on him is that he's not great against speed rushers, but he's been a great run blocker for Arian Foster over the past two seasons. And his departure seems even more curious when you considered how much the Texans just paid Foster.

Randy Moss, 49ers Agree To Contract, According To Report - The 49ers have a definite need at wide receiver, so this signing makes some sense. But he's been out of football since 2010, and comebacks after a year off don't usually work out. Plus, 35 year old receivers generally don't age well, even ones as talented as Moss. Assuming they re-sign Alex Smith, they would have Smith (one of the most reluctant deep passers in the NFL) throwing to a wide receiver who's at his best when he's going deep. It's a low risk signing, but I don't see how it makes the 49ers any better next season.