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2012 Free Agent Rumors: Matt Flynn To The Seahawks

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Seahawks may target Mario Williams, Matt Flynn | ProFootballTalk. There's nothing new to the rumors that Matt Flynn will join the Seahawks. They were interested in Peyton Manning, but he wasn't interested in them. The Seahawks may end up doing better by "settling" for the young quarterback who can still throw the ball. Plus, he'd be an immediate upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson, who still managed to look good last season compared to failed backup Charlie Whitehurst.

There have been a lot of recent rumors that the Bears will target Mario Williams, but ESPN's John Clayton thinks he's going to either the Falcons or Seahawks. The Bears could afford Williams too, but they already spend a lot on their defense and they need a No. 1 receiver badly: they probably can't have both. The Seahawks run a hybrid 4-3 defense by playing DT Red Bryant at defensive end, but they could re-sign Bryant, move him inside, and then play Williams at DE in a more conventional 4-3 defense.

The 49ers would still be the class of the NFC West, but the Seahawks would take a big step forward with those two moves. And the Seahawks definitely have some money to spend in free agency.