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Mike Neal's Latest Setback: Violating the NFL's Steroid Policy | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Neal suspended 4 games for violating steroid policy. When evaluating Green Bay Packers DE Mike Neal, I've always measured him against the fail that was Justin Harrell.

In that comparison, Neal always had a couple things going for him. At least he wasn't a first round pick, and he's only had two injury plagued seasons compared to Harrell's four. The chances that he'd bounce back were dimming, but at least there was still a chance. Not that I had high expectations. Anything he provided next season would just be a bonus.

But now Neal has gone somewhere that Harrell never went before: a four game suspension. Unlike in baseball, where the FedEx defense can work, the NFL follows the StarCaps precedent in which the player is suspended no matter what.

The Packers should keep him around next season anyway. It's not like they gain much from his release.