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2012 NFL Free Agency: Several More Signings (Not By The Packers)

Unsurprisingly, there's still not much free agent news, except to report about a player the Green Bay Packers are not interested in. I still haven't read about a single visit between a free agent and the Packers.

Dallas Cowboys Sign Cornerback Brandon Carr - Blogging The Boys

Cowboys 2012 Free Agency: Schefter Says Dallas Reaches Three-Year Agreement With Kyle Orton - Blogging The Boys

You wouldn't necessarily know it by the way they're spending, but the Cowboys were hit with a salary cap penalty earlier this week. Brandon Carr is an upgrade over the recently released Terrance Newman. Following the Bears lead with Jason Campbell, the Cowboys paid top dollar for a backup quarterback. I can understand why they did it, but it's not a strategy followed by most teams.

Paul Soliai Expected To Return To Miami Dolphins, According To Report -

It seemed like the Dolphins were really ready to part ways with him since he's nothing more than a run defender, but apparently there's been a change of heart.

Martellus Bennett Stays In NFC East, Joins New York Giants -

Meh. The Giants sign a healthy tight end who can start until TE Jake Ballard returns from his torn ACL. Bennett will probably start for one year, and join the free agent frenzy once again in 2013.