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Were The Packers A Winner This Week In Free Agency?

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Free Agency Day 1: Five Questions, Five Analysts | Here's a question and answer that stood out to me in response to the first day of free agency, March 13th:

What team was the biggest winner on day one?

Ben: The most active teams overspent, you don't "win" day one of free agency

The first team mentioned as a winner was the Steelers, because "they don't need to make any free agent moves."

If that's the bar, then so are the Green Bay Packers because they sat out the first couple crazy days. I still haven't read about a visit from another team's free agent to Green Bay, so what's going on with the Packers own free agents?

Green Bay Packers news | Wells meets with Titans, but no word on contract talks | Green Bay Press Gazette. I'm sure their interest is real, but there hasn't (yet) been a run on centers in free agency. Both Wells, and Texans C Chris Myers, remain available.

There was an earlier report that the Rams had interest in Jarrett Bush, but then Eric Edholm learned that the Rams hadn't reached out to Bush (yet).

There hasn't been a stampede of running back signings either, though Peyton Hillis did sign a one-year deal with the Chiefs. So Ryan Grant remains one of many free agent running backs, and it's been quiet for him since his interview on Monday.

Matt Flynn will visit the Seahawks on Thursday, but, of course, the Packers aren't going to re-sign him.

And the rest? I haven't heard anything about CB Pat Lee, LB Erik Walden, or DT Howard Green, and I wasn't expecting to. They might not re-sign, or find a new team, until next month.