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2012 NFL Draft: Another Look At Michigan State's Jerel Worthy

Jerel Worthy impresses at Michigan State Pro Day | ProFootballTalk. I don't know who exactly was in attendance for the Green Bay Packers at Michigan State's Pro Day, but Rob Rang said every team was there.

Jerel Worthy is a 6-2, 308 lb. defensive tackle who's coming out early. Mike Mayock said he's got a first round "body type and skill set" but there are some stamina and conditioning concerns that might hold him back.

He really needed a solid pro day because he "looked out of sorts" at the NFL combine. He did more workouts at his pro day, including 28 reps of 225 pounds, and he's moved himself back into the first round. Arguably, he's the best defensive tackle available.

His size is similar to Cullen Jenkins, but his play might be more similar to former DT Johnny Jolly. He's solid against the run, and he can get after the quarterback though he isn't an elite pass rusher. He'd certainly be a good choice at No. 28 for the Packers, but there's some question he'll stay on the draft board that long.