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In Which We Have To Announce A Change In Management

We are marking a new day here at Acme Packing Company. Today is my first day as the managing editor of APC. I'm both very excited to be taking this site forward and a little bit sad that Brandon is no longer the man running the ship here. I want to thank Brandon not only for running a great site for a very long time, but for having me as an author on this site. He let me join when I was just a random guy who wrote a couple of FanPosts, and I'm very grateful for that.

VOX Media (SB Nation's owner) was looking to take the site in a new direction, they want to provide Packers fans with the best fan site out there. So they've asked me to make that happen and that is what I intend to do, with your help.

I haven't written for the site in a few months because of time constraints and my commitments to other writing projects. When I was offered the opportunity to manage this site, I decided to re-align my priorities, and I'm pumped that I'm going to get to spend more of my time reading about and writing about the first sports team that I cared about at all, the Green Bay Packers.

A lot of the people here will be familiar with me because of the work I've done here in the past, but I suppose an introduction is necessary. My name is Kevin McCauley, I'm from Milwaukee, and I currently live in North Carolina. I've been a Packers fan as long as I've been a football fan - so since my elementary school days - and there's nothing I'd rather be doing than immersing myself in everything about this team and this blog.

You can find more of my writing from all kinds of other sports in various corners of the SB Nation network. I'm a contributor to, SB Nation regionals, and I manage the network's Tottenham Hotspur blog, Cartilage Free Captain.

I look forward to getting to know all of the regulars here, making this a great place for new people to join the discussion, and providing everyone with some of the best Packers coverage anywhere on the internet.