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Matt Flynn Is Getting Lowballed By The Miami Dolphins

Eff you, pay me.
Eff you, pay me.

Because of the scarcity of top-level quarterbacks, Matt Flynn is about to get a lot of money and a starting job off the back of two career starts. Those two career starts were spectacular and his play in mop-up duty/preseason is contributory evidence to the theory that he's going to be a high quality starting quarterback. There are a lot of teams that need new quarterbacks. The Miami Dolphins are one of them and they're very interested, but they're lowballing Flynn, according to Yahoo!'s Jason Cole.

Considering the predicament they're in, this is a curious move by the Miami Dolphins. It sounds like shrewd business, but there's a good chance that they could get burned.

There are four teams who are in very desperate need of a new quarterback: The Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts. Other teams want to upgrade, but these are the teams that simply can't compete with what they have. There are four quarterbacks available to obtain that almost everyone agrees can start next year and play at a high level: Matt Flynn, Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck.

Luck and Griffin are going No. 1 and No. 2 in the draft, leaving two QBs for two teams that are in desperate need. Except Peyton Manning's finalists appear to be two teams who are not as desperate -- the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans. If you're obviously desperate, you never pull the stunner.

There is one QB for two teams. Flynn holds all the cards. If Seattle is smart, they don't allow him to get back to a negotiating table with the Phins. If that happens, Miami is stuck with Matt Moore or trading up with Ryan Tannehill. Do those sound like appealing options?

Oh, and sorry that we just coincidentally happen to be a Dolphins blog on my first day!