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Green Bay Packers Free Agency: Will Scott Wells Be Re-Signed?

UPDATE: Rams agree to terms with Wells

I figured I'd send us into a weekend with a poll, because I have no idea exactly how the fanbase feels about this and I want to know very much. As most know, Green Bay Packers center Scott Wells is a free agent. The team wants to re-sign him, but not at his current salary demands. The team has the cap room to bring him back and pay him good money, but they have cap restraints. The Packers currently have approximately $7 million in cap space.

What I want you guys to tell me is: Will the Packers re-sign Wells? The reason 'will' is emphasized is because I'd like you to think in terms of what you think Wells and Thompson will do, as opposed to what you want them to do. Is one side going to give in, or are they mutually going to decide that Wells shouldn't be playing anywhere else?

My gut is that the two sides are going to have a hard negotiation that results in Wells' eventual re-signing, but it's possible that I'm just being unreasonably optimistic.