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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For March 17, 2012

And now the search for a replacement begins
And now the search for a replacement begins

Some of you may remember that I tried to do a regular links post when I was just a volunteer at this blog, but I didn't have the time to keep it going on a volunteer basis. Now that I'm not a volunteer and I'm actually managing the blog, there will be a link round-up from Packers blogs, mainstream Packers media and other SB Nation blogs every morning, bright and early. Today's news and links are unsurprisingly Scott Wells-centric.

Scott Wells departs, Packers need a center | ESPN NFC North Blog

Kevin Seifert thinks that the Packers have been planning for Wells' departure, and that no matter who the starter is next season, they were probably on top of things all along. I happen to agree with him.

Wells gone; Myers Signs With Houston | AllGreenBayPackers.Com

Jersey Al ties in the Wells signing with Houston re-signing Chris Myers, one of the other top free agent centers. Some believed that the Packers' might be in the market for Myers, but like Wells, he's about to get paid more than the Packers are willing to pay.

Options Available for Packers to Replace Departed Scott Wells | Cheesehead TV

Cheesehead TV's new blogger Zach Kruse kicked off his tenure there with a great post on potential center options for the Packers. If you're unfamiliar with Zach, he was one of the few bright spots over at B/R (at least on their team pages) before he moved to Cheesehead TV, and he'll be worth reading over there in the future.

Flynn's limited game time could deflate his earning potential | Green Bay Press Gazette

Pete Dougherty with a good article on how Matt Flynn might not get paid the big bucks in free agency. Perhaps the Dolphins aren't really lowballing him after all? I still think that Flynn is going to be a solid starter and that either the Seahawks or Dolphins are screwed if they don't get him or Ryan Tannehill.

Some posts from around SB Nation after the jump

John Elway: Peyton Manning 'Threw The Ball Great' |
Hey, if he can throw, he's worth some serious money. But the Broncos might not be the favorites anymore, because...

49ers One Of The Finalists For ... Peyton Manning!? | Niners Nation

Yes, the Niners are now in the Peyton Manning race. Don't shoot me, but ... I think the Niners become the favorite to win the Super Bowl if they sign Manning and he's truly 100 percent healthy.

Casey Hampton Restructures Contract, Steelers Insured Against Move for Wallace | Behind the Steel Curtain

The entire Steelers' veteran core has been very kind to the management this year. Casey Hampton is just the latest guy to agree to a restructure, trimming $3m off the cap for a team that was in cap hell entering the offseason. They now have the room to sign Mike Wallace to a long-term deal if both parties are interested.

Buffalo Bills' Defensive Line Now A Matchup Nightmare | Buffalo Rumblings

Brian Galliford is unsurprisingly pumped about the Bills' defensive line. Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus were already top talents, and to add Mario Williams to that is just absurd. The Bills are going to be an interesting team if they can become more consistent offensively. They have the firepower, they just have to put everything together.

Matt Flynn and the Seattle Seahawks: Not Necessarily the "Win Now" Option | Field Gulls

A very lengthy post comparing Matt Flynn to other quarterbacks in similar situations like Tom Brady, Matt Cassell and Matt Hasselbeck, who have all had very different careers. The ultimate conclusion that Kenneth comes to is that Flynn does not necessarily give the Seahawks a better chance to win now than Tavaris Jackson or a rookie. I respectfully disagree, but this post is absolutely worth your time.