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Green Bay Packers Stadium Renovation: Everything On Schedule

It figures that the year I move out of my place in Wisconsin and down to North Carolina, you guys have the mildest winter that I can ever remember. It's been straight-up warm by Wisco standards this year and light on the blizzards, meaning that the crew over at Lambeau Field has been able to work on the stadium all winter long. Mark Murphy spoke to about the improved video boards today.

"The first thing that's going to hit the fans is the size of it," Murphy said, noting that fans should get their first look at the new video boards at the shareholders' meeting this summer. "Once people see the scoreboards in operation, I think they're going to be very impressed with the clarity and definition. The quality of the replays is going to be so much better than we've had. I think it's really going to provide a dramatic improvement in the gameday experience for our fans."

The north end zone video board is being installed in a couple of weeks, and that video board and the viewing platform under it are going to be finished before the start of the 2012 season. The new ginormous video board in the south end zone should be installed this season as well. The additional 6,700 seats under the south video board will open for the 2013 season.

I'm really not a fan of the look of the new seats, but I can't argue with the concept. Between the NFL's stadium improvement funding program and the stock sale last year, this expansion is costing the team next to nothing. It's going to be a great move in terms of keeping the club financially stable, and as always with the Packers, big-time profits are never going to go into one greedy man's pocket.