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Green Bay Packers Free Agency: At What Price Do You Take Back Erik Walden?

Even if the Green Bay Packers drop some serious cash on a player like Kamerion Wimbley or spend their first round pick on an outside linebacker, things aren't going to be completely sorted at outside linebacker. Brad Jones and Frank Zombo haven't been terribly productive (though many think both will improve), while Vic So'oto and Jamari Lattimore are unknown quantities.

Erik Walden is currently an unrestricted free agent and it seems highly unlikely that he's going to play for the Green Bay Packers next season. If he fails to find work elsewhere, it wouldn't be stunning if he was brought back on a one-year deal, not no one's counting on that at this point. Walden's domestic abuse charge from Thanksgiving isn't helping him, but that issue was resolved without Walden facing a conviction.

Walden is not good against the run and he's only an average pass rusher, but I happen to think he is more effective than both Jones and Zombo (though it's not like any of the three has separated themselves significantly from the others). Do you want Walden back on the team at any price?