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Matt Flynn Agrees To Contract With Seattle Seahawks

Will Matt Flynn lead Seattle back to the playoffs?
Will Matt Flynn lead Seattle back to the playoffs?

The Seattle Seahawks have won the battle against the Miami Dolphins for the signature of now former Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn. After finding themselves on the outside of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, Seattle has moved to secure the next best alternative. Flynn left a visit with Miami without a contract because he thought he could do better than their lowball offer, and he was correct.

That averages out to $8.7 million per year, for those of you who struggle with mathematics (I used a calculator because I'm dumb). The $10 million guaranteed is the important part. It's very comparable to the signing bonus that Kevin Kolb received from the Arizona Cardinals, which makes sense.

Obviously the commenters here are going to be a bit biased, but do you think the Seahawks have found their franchise QB?