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Matt Flynn Awaits The Franchise Tag Deadline On Monday

Franchise Friday: NFL players get tagged. Monday, March 5th is the deadline for NFL teams to use their franchise tag on a player, if they so choose. This report from USA Today mentions a couple of players who have received it (Ray Rice, Brent Grimes, Dashon Goldson).

I haven't read anything about Green Bay Packers and Matt Flynn over the last couple days, and there's no one else who they'd even consider using it on. They want to re-sign Scott Wells, but the franchise tag would cost $9.4 million, and the Packers probably want to pay him about half of that much.

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It's been widely assumed since last weekend that the Packers won't use the franchise tag, but there is still time to restructure contracts and release players to make it happen. Some teams are going full-speed ahead, the Steelers are making some serious cuts, but the Packers aren't facing the Steelers salary cap dilemma. Of course, there is a lot of risk that Flynn would sign the one-year offer, and the Packers would have to pay him twice as much as Aaron Rodgers next season.