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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For March 20, 2012

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Hey guys, who wants to start a Tim Tebow to the Green Bay Packers rumor?!? What, not even at a reduced salary playing fullback? Come on, I love John Kuhn as much as the next guy, but that would be awesome. No? No? Really no? Okay, I'll shut up.

Packers Position Group Analysis: Linebackers |

Excellent stuff here from Jersey Al.

Walden wants to be a Packer, but... | JSOnline

Erik Walden wants to come back, but he's not getting anything more than a cheap short-term deal if the team wants to bring him back.

Risk at QB begins after top two picks |

Vic Ketchman on the QBs that might go after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin. There are a lot of varied opinions on Ryan Tannehill these days.

Lions tight but not idle in free agency | NFC North Blog

The Lions are looking for values in free agency. Like the Packers, they're not going to throw down for anyone.

Packers may seek veteran free-agent center | Green Bay Press Gazette

On Jeff Saturday and other veteran centers.

More from around SB Nation after the jump

Peyton Manning to the Broncos Means Tim Tebow is On His Way Out | Mile High Report

Damn, he's not going to be their h-back?!? Disappointing!

All You Need to Know About Tebow to Jax | Big Cat Country

BCC is not enthusiastic about these rumors.

Alex Smith: Will Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Buy Him Something Nice? | Niners Nation

I imagine that Jim Harbaugh's call to Alex Smith today sounded like something out of Marvin's Room.

Changing The Chiefs Focus In The 2012 NFL Draft | Arrowhead Pride

Nose tackle is the best guess, but don't rule out a trade-up for Tannehill.

Peyton Manning Is A Bronco, Tim Tebow Is A Trade Away, And It's All Perfect |

Andrew Sharp on the Broncos' signing of the polar opposite of Tim Tebow.