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Matt Flynn On Aaron Rodgers, Joe Philbin And More

New Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn spoke on ESPN Radio 710 in Seattle today, and he had some interesting things to say about Aaron Rodgers, Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins. This is encouraging stuff for Packers fans, and not so much for Dolphins fans. The evidence against Jeff Ireland being good at his job continues to mount.

Here are some quotes, via Sports Radio Interviews. If you're not familiar with SRI, they transcribe great interviews every day, and I encourage you to give them a bookmark.

On why he chose Seattle over Miami, despite the fact that his former position coach, Joe Philbin, now coaches the Dolphins:

"I am close with Joe, I think a lot of him. I think he's gonna do a great job in Miami. I think he's gonna be a really successful head coach in the league. So when it came down to it, I just felt like it was a better situation for me - I felt it's a program that's really on the rise, doing the right thing, is being led by the right type of people."

On Aaron Rodgers saying that there was something different about him in 2011:

"That is the ultimate compliment, coming from a guy like him. I think each year I just got more comfortable with the game speed of the NFL, the offense, seeing defenses quicker. And I learned a lot of that from Aaron. I wouldn't be in the spot I am today without being behind Aaron and learning a lot from him. And he's made me a better player mentally and physically and it's just something that, over four years in Green Bay, I feel like I progressed each year[.]

His praise for Seattle might be interpreted as criticism of the Dolphins if he's so close with Philbin, but doesn't feel like Miami was led by the right type of people. The bits about how Aaron helped him were also nice to hear, and we can only hope he's doing the same for Graham Harrell.