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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors Getting Better: Packers Have Contacted Broncos

Get ready...
Get ready...

Uh oh, some folks are about to get real mad. The Green Bay Packers have, in fact, discussed a trade for Tim Tebow with the Denver Broncos. Ted Thompson might not be terribly serious, the Broncos might not be agreeable to the terms and Tebow may not be agreeable to the terms, but somebody made a phone call.

From what I've read from you guys in the comments in the other Tebow post, on twitter and on facebook, a lot of the objection stems from giving up anything valuable for Tebow and his contract, which pays him a large salary starting in 2013. If the price for Tebow is a 7th round pick and he's agreeing to a new contract as a condition of the trade, that's not a terrible deal for the Packers, even if you think that Tebow will never be a legit NFL quarterback.

I know, I know. Media circus. No one wants a media circus. But the media circus was created by conditions that allowed him to be a starting quarterback. Those don't exist in Green Bay. Everyone still mad about this?