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An Endorsement For Cheesehead TV's Draft Preview

From the department of cool things that I wish I had time to do, the fine folks over at Cheesehead TV have released their annual draft preview. Said draft preview is made up of 99 pages of great information leading up to the NFL draft on well over 100 prospects. It's very Packers-focused, as you might expect, and everything comes from that as the center of the preview. They write very extensively on the Green Bay Packers' needs, slightly less extensively on the needs of the other teams in the NFC North, and then more generally about the entire league.

In addition to stuff about individual prospects and team draft needs, there are some great original articles about Ted Thompson, the Senior Bowl, the Shrine Game, and some school-specific pieces on talent they've produced, such as a very interesting piece on Boise State.

You can buy their draft guide here for $6. I have a copy in front of me, and based on the wealth of information, the Packers focus of the guide and the work that all of these people put into it worth your money.