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Tim Tebow Traded To Jets; We Can Stop Yelling Now

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Yesterday, Ted Thompson rang up John Elway and asked about Tim Tebow. He reportedly offered a seventh round pick. Everyone freaked out. Some people loved the idea of Tebow as a backup QB and possible FB/TE, others were mortified at the thought of him coming to the Green Bay Packers. We can all stop yelling at each other now. Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets.

A fourth! After they re-signed their average QB to an exorbitant contract extension less than a month ago! The Jets are starting to make deals like they're in the NBA.

This is an obvious fit based on the Jets' offense. They have lots of Wildcat packages and they needed someone to run them. Tim Tebow will run them well. Even if he's a poor passer of the ball, he has to be respected as more of a passing threat than Brad Smith.

The problem is that he will be the backup for a very unpopular quarterback. Oh, and that the Jets gave up a fourth when no one else was willing to.