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Pat Lee Departs, Joins The Oakland Raiders

This is kind of a lasting image, no?
This is kind of a lasting image, no?

One of Ted Thompson's few draft disappointments has departed the Green Bay Packers. Cornerback and special teams contributor Pat Lee has signed with the Oakland Raiders. Terms of the deal are not currently available.

Lee was picked by the Packers in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft and never really panned out. He was beaten out by undrafted free agent Sam Shields and perennial fan favorite scapegoat Jarrett Bush for playing time in the secondary, and didn't make the most of his opportunities when he did get to play.

Though Lee was an effective player on special teams, the team just re-signed Bush, an average corner who is exceptional on special teams. Lee is a slightly below-average corner who is very good, but not elite on special teams. There wasn't ever going to be room on the roster for him next season.

Hopefully Lee can find his footing in Oakland and become a solid nickel or dime contributor. I had high hopes for him when he was drafted and I've been disappointed that he was never able to establish himself as a regular contributor in Green Bay.