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Chicago Bears Take Out Matt Forte Insurance Pol...I Mean, Sign Michael Bush

Last year, the Chicago Bears signed Marion Barber as a backup for Matt Forte. Save for an embarrassing fumble against the Denver Broncos, he performed pretty well in that job. So...the Bears just signed another good backup for Matt Forte? Now-former Oakland Raiders running back Michael Bush is now a Bear.

Adam Schefter reports that the deal is for $14 million and $7 million guaranteed. The Bears are now paying a lot of money to running backs; Forte was slapped with the franchise tag. A necessary question: Is Bush a good backup that fits a new offense that is going to rotate running backs more often, or is this insurance against Forte not fully recovering from his knee injury or wanting to sign a long-term deal?

This is an interesting deal for a team that doesn't have a lot of cap room and that already has talent at the running back position. If the Bears want to make any moves after this one, they're going to have to restructure some of their highly-paid veterans.