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So, Matt Forte Is Kind Of Pissed

The Chicago Bears signed running back Michael Bush to a four-year deal for $14 million and $7 million guaranteed on Thursday. They still have not signed Matt Forte, who they slapped with the Franchise Tag, to a long-term contract. You'll be hard pressed to locate a Bears fan who doesn't think Forte deserves a long term contract. It seems that Forte is sick of keeping quiet about the situation., this is a bit presumptuous and self-centered. A lot of people think that Bush was signed to back up Forte and that Marion Barber will have to find alternative employment soon. The guaranteed money in Bush's contract and his average salary per year are both about half of what Forte might command on the open market. I don't think that Bush's signing is necessarily indicative of "disrespect" for Forte or an indication that he's not getting a long-term deal.

Then again, Forte probably knows about the intentions of those in the Bears front office better than I do.