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Jeff Saturday Reportedly Narrows Choices To Packers, Broncos

The solution to our center woes?
The solution to our center woes?

UPDATE: Done Deal, Green Bay Packers sign Jeff Saturday

Here's a surprise: Jeff Saturday has narrowed his choice down to two teams. On one hand, there's the Green Bay Packers. They're in desperate need of a center and he could be the one missing piece to a championship puzzle for the team (I know, pass rush). On the other hand, there's the Denver Broncos. They aren't loaded as the Packers and their best linebacker just got suspended for PEDs, but they are unquestionably a playoff-caliber team and they just signed his former teammate, Peyton Manning.

Shawn Zobel is the guy who first broke this news, from what I'm able to tell.

Before Saturday makes a decision: Don't freak out when his base salary for this season is as much as Scott Wells' or more than Scott Wells. The reason Wells wasn't re-signed is because of the years and guaranteed money that he got. I can't imagine that Saturday is going to sign a contract for more than one or two years with either Green Bay or Denver.

What do you guys think? Do you want Saturday no matter what, or are you waiting to see the years and the money before you decide whether or not you like this for the team?