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Jeff Saturday Signs With Green Bay Packers

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It's official! Jeff Saturday has signed with the Green Bay Packers. We'll have contract deals shortly, but all we know now is that it's a done deal, per Adam Schefter. The deal is expected to be for over two or three years and he'll slot right into the starting center spot that was vacated by Scott Wells.

While Saturday isn't exactly the much bigger center that Ted Thompson has supposedly always wanted, he's a slightly more powerful guy than Wells. He brings a lot of experience to the table, and the Packers won't have him locked up to a deal as long-term as the one that Wells eventually signed with St. Louis.

This is a good signing to bridge the gap between the present and the future for Green Bay, and it allows Thompson to pick a future center late in the draft, as opposed to reaching for a rookie that can play now in the early rounds. Some might not like the idea of signing a 36-year-old, but Saturday is still effective and he's a rock solid guy. He's started 188 games in his career, and according to Pro Football Focus, he was the 5th best center in the league last season.