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Green Bay Packers Sign Daniel Muir

Do not adjust your internet machines. Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson has signed two free agents in one day. The Packers announced on Friday night that the team was following up the signing of center Jeff Saturday with the signing of defensive tackle Daniel Muir.

Muir signed with the Packers as an undrafted free agent in 2007 and appeared in three games before leaving the team. He joined the Indianapolis Colts and had a very good 2009 season, recording 66 tackles. During his time with the Colts, he played in 40 games and made 26 starts. He was cut in November 2011.

Chances are, Muir is going to have to fight for a roster place and he won't be making more than minimum salary, but with Mike Neal suspended and Howard Green a free agent who may or may not return, he'll make at least a good camp body and due to the team's struggles at 3-4 defensive end, he should have a chance to make the team if he's at his best in camp.