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Jeff Saturday Contract Terms: Former Colt Is A Bargain

We've been waiting to hear the exact details for a while and Adam Schefter finally dropped them this morning. Jeff Saturday's contract terms are very favorable for the Green Bay Packers, and I'm very happy that he chose to play for Green Bay instead of Denver based on what was offered.

This is, on a per-year basis, about $2 million less than the Packers would have had to pay Scott Wells if they matched the St. Louis Rams' offer. They're also paying significantly less in guaranteed money; Wells got $13 million guaranteed from the Rams. Saturday will still have a contract next season if he plays at a high level and there's no one to take over the starting job, but the team isn't saddled with a long-term deal for an aging player.

Saturday is one of the best centers of this era and performed well last year even if those around him didn't. I'm pleasantly surprised that we were able to sign him to a contract this favorable to the team.