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NFL Owners Meetings: Follow Along With SB Nation

The offseason NFL Owners Meetings kick off today in Florida, and they should be fairly eventful this year. Last year's lockout (or at that time, impending lockout) made things a bit odd, but it should be more or less business as usual this year. Between the Cowboys/Redskins salary cap incident and the Saints bounty scandal, there's going to be a lot to talk about.

In slightly more happy and less controversial news, we might find out this week whether or not the Green Bay Packers are going to play in the season opener. The defending Super Bowl champion usually plays in that game, but the New Orleans Saints are likely playing the New York Giants in Week 1, and the league probably doesn't want to put the Saints on national TV in the first week.

Other primetime games could be announced, as could compensatory draft picks. There are also some rule changes on the table. We'll update here on anything that is obviously pertinent to the Packers, but for updates on everything at the meetings, follow along with SB Nation's NFL Owners Meetings StoryStream.