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2012 NFL Draft Compensatory Picks: Green Bay Packers Get Four Selections

All your comp picks are belong to me
All your comp picks are belong to me

The Green Bay Packers have received a total of four compensatory draft picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. That is the maximum number that they could have received. This takes the Packers to 12 total picks in 2012. The two higher picks are compensation for the free agent departures of Cullen Jenkins and Daryn Colledge. Here's the news, straight from the horse's mouth.

Some people thought that it was possible that the Packers could receive a third round pick for Jenkins, but ultimately, the formula didn't work out that way. In any event, this gives the Packers plenty of room and plenty of incentive to use their regular fourth round pick to trade up in the second or third round of the draft. Ted Thompson is known for trading down, but with the Packers' roster fairly set, he could make a move for a player in the second or third that he has his sights set on.