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2012 NFL Draft Order: Green Bay Packers Have 12 Picks With Compensatory Selections

With yesterday's handing out of compensatory draft picks, the entire NFL Draft order is set, barring trades. Of course, there will be trades. Lots of trades. All of the trades. Below are all of the draft picks that the Green Bay Packers currently hold, in order. As a reminder, compensatory picks cannot be traded. You can find the full NFL Draft order here.

1st round, No. 28 overall
2nd round, No. 59 overall
3rd round, No. 90 overall
4th round, No. 123 overall
4th round, No. 132 overall (compensatory pick)
4th round, No. 133 overall (compensatory pick)
5th round, No. 163 overall
6th round, No. 197 overall
7th round, No. 224 (from New York Jets)
7th round, No. 235
7th round, No. 241 (compensatory pick)
7th round, No. 243 (compensatory pick)

Even if Ted Thompson opts to trade up -- and he probably will, at some point -- there are going to be a lot of new players in camp this year. This doesn't include undrafted free agents, a few of which play significant roles for the Packers at present. You can now officially freak out over potential late-round steals for the next month.