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2012 NFL Rule Changes: Overtime, Review Rules Altered

The NFL has made two big rule changes at the owners' meetings on Wednesday, while tabling two other changes until May. Overtime rules will now work in the regular season like they did in the playoffs, with each team getting at least one opportunity to possess the ball unless the opening drive/kick return is a touchdown. The league also changed the review policy to treat turnovers the same as touchdowns. Here's Schefter.

The league has also tabled a couple of measures until May, due to disagreement on whether or not they should be implemented. These things -- changes to IR rules and the trade deadline -- could still be implemented. More after the jump.

I'm a big fan of having the overtime rules the same in the regular season and the playoffs, even if I'm not a huge fan of the current system. The change to make things consistent is a good one. I'm also a fan of having turnovers reviewed like touchdowns, and I hope it's not an end of reforms in the review system, but just a stepping stone towards going to the college review system.

As for the items that were tabled until May, I'm not sure what the dissent is on allowing players to return from IR. I'd really like to know who opposes this and why. I don't have much of an opinion on the trade deadline, and I can see that debate either way.

Like the rule changes? Wish they addressed something else? Discuss away.