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Anthony Hargrove Signs With Green Bay Packers

More competition at 3-4 end?
More competition at 3-4 end?

Anthony Hargrove has been tweeting about signing with the Green Bay Packers for a few days, but since the team wasn't saying anything and the account isn't verified, everyone's been a bit cautious about reporting anything. Instead of waiting for word from the team, Kevin Seifert decided to ring up Hargrove and find out what's up. Hargrove confirmed to Seifert in a phone interview that he has signed with the Packers.

Hargrove has spent most of his career as a 4-3 pass rushing defensive tackle and has been anywhere between 270 and 300 pounds, according to the wide world of the interwebs. Presumably, he'll be asked to get somewhere in between there and play 3-4 defensive end.

Here's what Hargrove had to say to Seifert.

"When you think of this team," Hargrove said, "you think of one of the most respected organizations in the league. For them to come after me is very moving. I feel blessed today."

Hargrove was suspended back in 2008 for violating the league's substance abuse policy and he's one of the guys wrapped up in the Saints bounty scandal. He has cleaned up his substance abuse problems and become a solid NFL player, and the Packers will presumably know whether or not he's facing a suspension before they decide to give him a spot on the 53-man roster.

There is probably minimal financial risk to the Packers in this deal, and he's got the talent to be a contributor as a 3-4 end. If this is a one-year deal with minimal guaranteed money, it's a good gamble by Ted Thompson.

Edit: Hargrove will play at about 290 pounds, meaning he's a 3-4 DE.