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Daniel Muir's Contract A Minimum Salary Bargain

The Green Bay Packers aren't going to make a Cullen Jenkins replacement appear out of thin air, so they're creating a big competition/rotation at 3-4 defensive end. One of those players who will join that competition/rotation in training camp is Daniel Muir, previously a 4-3 defensive tackle. When he was signed, we didn't know the terms of the contract, but the always connected Aaron Wilson has the answers.

At minimum salary with no bonus, Muir is a bargain. He hasn't been a consistent NFL contributor and had to deal with some injuries last year, but he's played 43 games in the NFL and he has top-notch size. If you find a guy who fits your system and who is willing to sign a one-year, minimum salary deal, there's no reason not to take a chance on him. The competition for PT between Muir, Anthony Hargrove, Mike Neal, Jarius Wynn and a rookie or two is going to be fierce.