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2012 NFL Free Agency: The Packers Options At Running Back

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NFL Free Agency 2012: Bargains Abound On Running Back Market - But there's probably a reason why they're bargains in the first place. One player mentioned is Ryan Grant of the Green Bay Packers. Since Grant had a DVOA ranking of No. 19 overall in 2011 according to Football Outsiders, he'd be as good a signing as any of the other free agent running backs who should be available.

The biggest name expected to hit the market should be Browns RB Peyton Hills, but his 2011 season was a disaster as he battled injuries and questions swirled about his commitment to playing through injuries.

There were rumors that the Raiders would use the franchise tag on Michael Bush, which seemed unbelievable. He put up some good stats, he came up 20 yards short of a 1000 yard season, but Football Outsiders only ranked him one spot ahead of Ryan Grant. And that makes him worthy of the franchise tag?

Chargers RB Mike Tolbert had a lot of goal line rushing attempts, and caught a lot of passes, but he didn't seem particularly effective in either role.

I've never been a fan of Patriots RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis. He seems pretty slow to me.

Overall, it's a pretty unimpressive free agent crop. While I don't expect the Packers to make a move for a free agent running back, unless they decide to re-sign Grant at a bargain price, there's no real danger here for the team either. Any veteran back they sign should come cheap, and at worst, provide a slight downgrade from what Grant did last season.