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Randy Moss and Brian Brohm Work Out For The Saints

Cause for Alarm? Quarterback Brian Brohm works out for the New Orleans Saints. It was widely reported that Randy Moss had a workout for the New Orleans Bounties, and according to Jay Glazer of, Moss "lit it up." That was apparently a reference to his workout, and not a reference to anything he might be doing off the field.

And the guy throwing balls to him was none other than former Green Bay Packers bust QB Brian Brohm. Maybe Moss just looked fast compared to the "zip" that Brohm was putting on the ball. Apparently the UFL season is over and he's available for workouts.

I can't imagine the Saints would actually sign Brohm, but it would be fitting since they're going through one of the worst offseasons I can remember.

Does anyone think Moss has anything left to offer? I thought his last chance with the Titans was a good opportunity for him, and he made nothing of it.