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Scouting Out The Raiders Defensive Linemen: Desmond Bryant

NFL Free Agent Bargain Bin - Offseason Low Down - Despite the title, a lot of these players don't sound like bargains to me. At the top of the list is Titans DT Jason Jones, who could receive $7 million annually. Though if Giants CB Terrell Thomas can be had for one-year and $4 million, that would be a bargain. If he hadn't torn his ACL last season, he'd be looking at a big contract in 2012.

The one player on this list that I liked for the Green Bay Packers was current Raiders restricted free agent DE/DT Desmond Bryant. Normally restricted free agents don't count as free agents because their current team can match any offer, and you've ended up doing their negotiating for them. But the Raiders have big salary cap problems, and Bryant might be a casualty of it.

Evan Silva notes that last season, Bryant (6-5, 290 lbs) was a Top 20 run defender, and recorded 5 sacks in 10 starts. He sounds like the player I had hoped C.J. Wilson could have become. And if he would only cost one-year for under $2 million, then that would be a great fit for the Packers, no matter what they do in next April's draft.