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Matt Flynn To Miami Would Not Be The Dolphins First Choice

The Peyton Manning free-agent firestorm could end up burning some front-office officials - NFL - Yahoo! Sports. Jason Wilde pointed out this latest article by Jason Cole. In regard to the Dolphins, "the team has yet to express remote interest in free-agent quarterback Matt Flynn." Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has told Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland "to put the full-court press on Manning."

I'm not surprised at all. While reuniting his new head coach with a quarterback he's coached for the last four years would make a lot of sense, Ross seems to be about bringing in the biggest name possible. He wanted Jeff Fisher as his head coach, no matter that Fisher didn't want coach the Dolphins and only turned to Joe Philbin after Fisher went to St. Louis. Now he wants to spend a lot of money on Peyton Manning, and he may not be ready to play next season depending on how he recovers from spinal fusion surgery. Oh well, they've always got Matt Moore as a backup.

From a tactical standpoint, I don't think there are a lot of similarities between the Packers and Colts offenses. The Packers have been about bringing in different personnel and looking to create mismatches on defense, while the Colts usually run their offense out of the same base personnel. This shouldn't be a big deal, both Philbin and Manning are professionals who will be able to adapt to a new situation, but it doesn't make them a natural fit either.