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What Motivates The Teams In The NFC North?

Green Bay Packers news | Detroit Lions not viewing Green Bay Packers as measuring stick | Green Bay Press Gazette. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz is making the point that he inherited an 0-16 team and he's trying to improve them "step-by-step."

It reminded me a little of Mike McCarthy, who's often talking about how the Green Bay Packers have to improve their fundamentals like tackling. Let's achieve these small goals every day, and the big picture will fall into place.

Schwartz's motivational style ("trying to just improve, step-by-step") seemed a contrast to Bears head coach Lovie Smith, who famously remarked that his No.1 goal back in 2004 was to beat the Packers. Each coach has their own motivational style, and either way can work. Unfortunately, some coaches have a style that's against the rules.