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Get That New Green Bay Packers Swag

As of today. you can buy things from the NFL's new apparel partners. The most notable of those is Nike, who has taken over from Reebok as the jersey maker for the NFL. They've promised not to do anything absurd with the new jerseys, so don't freak out. Tom Crabtree wasn't being serious, y'all. April Fool's.

An insane amount of people fell for this joke.

As the fine folks at point out, you can also buy new NFL stuff from New Era and Forty Seven Brand. The Packer's Pro Shop has a lot of new stuff and also has a lot of old stuff on clearance. If you haven't spent that tax refund check yet, you could do worse than dropping it on some new Packers gear. Help Mark Murphy make it rain.

Or you could be like me and wear nothing but plain t-shirts. The only piece of Packers gear I own is a $40 authentic (retail $250) that I am 99% sure was stolen off the back of a truck.