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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For April 10, 2012

The tongue is worth another 3 points on DWTS.
The tongue is worth another 3 points on DWTS.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. We had some technical issues on the site yesterday, which is why yesterday's Cheese Curds was both late and the site's only post. Our awesome support team got everything fixed and we'll be back with your usual 4-5 posts today. In today's Green Bay Packers news and links, Vic Ketchman sings the praises of Donta Hightower, while Donald Driver dances the Paso Doble.

Packers Have Looked to Canada for Players Before, Hicks Could Be Next | Cheesehead TV

A great piece on Akiem Hicks, who had to go take the road less traveled to Canada because of NCAA eligibility issues.

Packers offseason program begins next week | Green Bay Press Gazette

The new CBA has changed exactly how teams can conduct offseason workout programs, but at least they're getting one this year.

Reminder: Offseason work is voluntary | NFC North Blog

And even though teams get to conduct offseason workouts, no one is required to show up.

Donald Driver on Dancing With the Stars: Paso Doble | AllGreenBayPackers.Com

Much like other professional athletes on this show, Driver started looking very tense and mildly robotic, and he's starting to look more like a dancer as the weeks go on. Hard-hitting DWTS analysis!

Hightower can do it all |

In Ask Vic, Vic says that Donta Hightower is a beast and that he won't drop to 28, regardless of what your favorite website's player rankings say.

More from around SB Nation after the jump

Trading Down May Be Out Of The Question For The Dallas Cowboys | Blogging The Boys

Not because it's a bad idea, but because everyone in the top 15 or so wants to trade down.

Raiders jumping into NFL tight end hoops star craze | Silver And Black Pride

Reggie McKenzie has his eyes on a couple of basketball players that might translate to tight end in the NFL like Jimmy Graham.

Panthers Restructure Steve Smith's Contract | Cat Scratch Reader

This looks like a move that pays Smith more this year, then less the following two. It makes sense for a team that is on the edge of competing with the big boys, but still a couple drafts/free agent signings away. They know they're not a Super Bowl team right now, so they're paying Smith now in order to have cap room to sign a some quality free agents in a year or two. Smart.

Saints Punishment: Suspensions Upheld, Fines Could Be Reduced |

What it says. No Sean Payton this year.