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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Experts Change Their Picks For The Green Bay Packers

Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.

We last did a round-up of 2012 NFL mock drafts on April 2, and since then, a few of the mock drafters we cited have changed their picks. A couple of the folks cited in that post have not done new mock drafts, so we're taking a look at four different mock drafts and their four different picks for the Green Bay Packers. has the Packers picking Mark Barron

It seems more and more likely that Nick Collins is not going to play for the Packers next year, so they're going to need safety help at some point during the draft. If the team considers Barron a value at 28, why not?

Nick Collins may be retiring because of a neck injury, at 28 years old. Mark Barron, if he falls this far in the draft, would be a fine replacement as the only blue chip safety in the draft this year.

The other three picks are after the jump.

Don Banks at SI has the Pack going with Andre Branch

Nick Perry might not want to stand up and Donta Hightower is unlikely to fall this far, so if the Packers want a 3-4 OLB, Branch might be the best player left. However, interestingly enough, Banks has Hightower going to the Ravens one pick after Branch.

Jeff Saturday's signing makes me less inclined to see Green Bay taking Wisconsin's Peter Konz as their future starter at center. That means finding more pass rush opposite Clay Matthews stays at the top of the to-do list. Branch has some rush skills and projects to outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme.

National Football Post likes Nick Perry to Green Bay

Perry has the body of a 3-4 OLB, his measurables are good and his numbers indicate that he's a good pass rusher, but I'm still concerned about his ability to stand up and play in coverage as a linebacker.

Perry has worked out well all post-season and is a versatile 43 DE or 34 OLB prospect who could line-up all over. His versatility on third down gives the Packers even more options in pressure situations.

NFL Draft Scout's Dane Brugler has Devon Still wearing green and gold

I like Devon Still, but having seen a lot of Penn State this season, it's true that there are times he disappears for darn near an entire quarter. There are rumors that he doesn't love football, but if the Packers pick him, I think we can rest assured that they were bogus. We don't randomly pick guys just for physical upside (which Still has a lot of).

Despite All-Pro Clay Matthews rushing the passer, the Packers finished 27th in the league with only 29.0 sacks this past season so this pick should be a front-seven defender. Still might be the most physically gifted defensive tackle in this class, but inconsistency will push him down some draft boards. He has the frame, length and versatility that will be attractive to a three-man front and might be ideally suited as a five-technique end.

Poll time! Do you like any of these four options for the Packers? If you click "other", explain in the comments.