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Madden '13 Cover: Aaron Rodgers Into Semifinals


Uh oh. Getting nervous, insane Madden Curse brigade? Those of you who believe that getting your picture on a box can cause you to instantly become crappy at football must be really pessimistic about the upcoming Green Bay Packers season. Aaron Rodgers has advanced to the semifinals of voting for the Madden '13 cover, defeating running back Ray Rice 55% - 45%. He now faces off against Calvin Johnson.

How Megatron was only a No. 6 seed in the voting, I'm not exactly sure. Same with Patrick Willis, who had a pretty easy draw. I still feel like the two remaining QBs are the biggest stars in the league right now, and the final is going to be Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers. But I'm making this up, I'm not exactly in touch with the young kids.

So go vote for Aaron if you think it would be a cool honor for one of our players to get on the Madden cover. Or go vote for Megatron if you believe in the Tooth Fairy.