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Conspiracy Theories: Jim Irsay Has A Grudge Against The Green Bay Packers

Better come hard for this aTm gunslinger!
Better come hard for this aTm gunslinger!

Obviously, Jim Irsay does not like the Green Bay Packers. The owner of the Indianapolis Colts sees that we are set up for a run of eleventy consecutive division titles, and he won't stand for it. He has a distaste for everything about our organization, and he wants his friend Zygi Wylf and the Minnesota Vikings to crush us. With their current level of talent, that just isn't happening, so Irsay is doing everything in his power to help them out.

He's lying! And he's trying to control the thoughts of NFL GMs everywhere in order to trick them into trading oodles of draft picks to the Vikings for Ryan Tannehill. But he won't control my thoughts, oh no. I have my tinfoil hat on, and his brain control waves can't penetrate it.

Editor's note: Just in case the title and tone of the post didn't make it entirely clear, this is a joke. I'm joking. There's nothing to write about in the period between free agency/pro days and the draft. We'll be a "real football" blog in a couple weeks.

P.S.: If the Vikings actually do get some crazy team to give them a king's ransom for Tannehill, DAMN IT.