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John Kuhn Expects To Be '100 Percent' For Green Bay Packers Training Camp


John Kuhn had a chat with yesterday, which I unfortunately missed while I was dealing with a lot of stuff over in the soccer universe, but I was able to catch the most important bit of that chat. The folks over at Cheesehead TV were able to follow along with the chat. A fan asked Kuhn about his knee injury and he replied by saying "My knee is doing great. I'll be 100 percent for training camp."

Kuhn sustained a sprained MCL in the Packers' playoff loss to the New York Giants. That happened three months ago now (can you believe it's been that long?), so there is a good chance that Kuhn has already fully recovered and that he'll be able to participate in any offseason work he wants to participate in.

Training camp is way too far away for my liking. How have we not even hit the draft yet? Have any of you invented the time machine yet? That would be absurdly useful right about now.