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Don't Expect 'Hard Knocks' To Ever Feature The Green Bay Packers

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Because of the NFL lockout and last year's condensed training camps, there was no 'Hard Knocks' on HBO. Two years ago, we were exposed to the inside world of the New York Jets, where Rex Ryan curses a lot and Antonio Cromartie has to count on his fingers to keep track of his children and their names. This is not surprising.

The Green Bay Packers have some coaches who probably do a fair bit of cursing behind the scenes, Discount Double Check commercials and a quarterback who likes to photobomb everyone. The Packers would be fun on 'Hard Knocks', right?

Yeah, it would probably be fun for neutrals. It would probably be hilarious for our division rivals to point out that, behind closed doors, we're not squeaky clean and the whole 'Packer People' thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. But you know our management better than that, right? There isn't a single team in the NFL who is less likely to warm to the idea of being on the show.