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Green Bay Packers Begin Offseason Conditioning Program Monday

Hit them weights, Clay.
Hit them weights, Clay.

Training Camp is still very long way off. Heck, we still have a couple of months until teams can have a mandatory minicamp. There will be some members of the Green Bay Packers back to work on Monday, however. That's when the team can (and will) begin their voluntary offseason conditioning program.

Starting on Monday, players will be able to work with strength and conditioning coaches for two weeks with no other coaches present. That will be followed by three weeks with S&C coaches as well as position coaches, where players can do some limited positional work with no pads, contact or offense vs. defense. After that five week period, the team can start holding OTAs.

Mike Spofford of spoke with strength and conditioning coordinator Mark Lovat about how the rules and the program have changed under the new CBA.

"We're not going to waste their time or ours. We're going to choose protocols that get the most bang for your buck. Your face time with players is always a commodity. We're constantly thinking about being efficient with our choices and what we're asking them to do. This CBA forces that even more."

Lovat has been a member of the Packers' staff for 13 years and was voted as the NFL strength coach of the year by his peers this offseason.

Commence jokes about working his magic on Mike Neal.