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2012 NFL Schedule Released On Tuesday Night

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We already have a pretty good idea of exactly who the Green Bay Packers are going to play this season and how difficult their schedule is going to be, but we'll be finding out exactly who they will be playing and when on Tuesday. At 7 p.m. ET and 6 p.m. for those of you who live in Wisconsin, the full schedule will be unveiled live and discussed on NFL Network and simultaneously posted on

In addition to their divisional games, the Packers will be playing the four teams in the NFC West and the four teams in the AFC South. It's early in the offseason, but there's a decent chance that the Packers could end up playing one of the NFL's easiest schedules. Out of the eight teams in those two divisions, only two made the playoffs and only four had records of .500 or better.

We'll have the schedule up here promptly after it's released and plenty of discussion to boot. Yes, it is just a list of games and you have to beat whoever's put in front of you, but there's still more than a week until the draft. Schedule talk is all we have, Debbie Downers who don't want to talk about the schedule.