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Nick Collins Still Delaying Making Decision On Return

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Nick Collins has had test results from doctors and the Green Bay Packers might have a solid idea aobut what he intends to do with his professional career, but we won't be finding out anytime soon. According to Rob Demovsky, reporting for, Collins is unlikely to make a decision on his status as a professional football player until after the NFL Draft. Collins' agent Alan Herman says that his client has not yet obtained all of the medical information and advice needed to make a decision. Here's a quote from Herman, via Demovsky's report.

"All the opinions aren't in, and I think he's getting another opinion. That doctor was not available - he was on vacation - so I'm hopeful soon. But I think he's got another meeting with one of the (doctors)."

What I am inferring from this is that the test results that Collins received from Dr. Frank Cammisa, the doctor who performed his surgery, were not 100 percent conclusive one way or the other, and Collins is not yet completely sure whether or not he can return to the field. If he hasn't been able to see the doctor he wants to see for a second opinion, I'm happy to wait on his decision.